Just a little pohem I wrote about schizophrenia and depression

the light is cold but ever so bold
as the color of blood covers the jet black sky’s then the day slowly dies.
as my eyes lies about what lyse before me oh how it Torment’s me tonight

however the pitch black night is no less of a fright, it holds no delight in the fight but the show must go on.

maybe I will not show up to partake in the show.
maybe I will run away from all my troubles and all there rubles as the fear doubles behind me. the future has blinded me in the night it was a flash of bright white light but the light only lasts for a moment, then I am utterly blinded lonely and lost, again in the darkness to stumble and fall in all that I call reality the darkness will no doubt drive my mind in to a drought which out will sprout death and decay, but hay this way we won’t have to say that it was the day that led us a stray the day did not lead us down this way
at least that’s what we like to say.
if only it had been a faint light then maybe I could have followed it but alas it was not

because if the light is to bright it will blinde you in the pitch black night right?


you’re absolutely right

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