Just a hop, skip and a jump from love, peace and happiness

The line is from this song

This seems to reign so true though. All the good stuff in life seems to be so close, just a hop skip and a jump away, but it feels so far away most days. All this is achievable by everyone right? My therapist tells me that im a lonely spirit that just wants to be loved and he sees potential in that statement. In a past life i know i was a a lone ronin searching for peace of mind during peaceful times. Im just the wandering samurai searching for meaning and purpose.


You’re a loving person Kazuma, you’ll find love in your life.

Here you go Mr. Samurai Man. :stuck_out_tongue: This song always sounded to me like the lone warrior, fighting battles on his own constantly.


I can already top that.

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I love old samurai movies…i remember reading musashi’s awesome stories…i must have been a ronin in a past life…