Just a brief history of a few of my ex’s. TW

Let’s call them heroin Heather, and Drew-id. Both had face tattoo’s, I was attracted to both, liked bad girls for a while, not the healthiest choices of company.

Drew I met on a plane, both of us fleeing a life in New York. Her, meth, Me, drug cult, we hit it off. She had Druid runes tattooed on her face, and the brightest natural red hair I’ve ever seen. Her dog even liked me. We dated for a bit, had magic Wiccan full moon sex in animal head dresses…yeah…

Next up was Heather, I met her in rehab, she had tattoos of stars, brightly rainbow colored, while she herself rarely worn anything but black. She was beautiful, dangerous. Criminal record for stabbing her ex. You can guess what her favorite drug was.

Neither was healthy. Was wild, and I’ve got my stories.


Oh oh, the older woman who introduced me to swingers clubs.

Russian escort? I wouldn’t call that dating, more like free intoxicants.

The twins…

Few married women. One of which I learned belonged to a white national. I was sleeping with both the wife and the husband. Once I learned about the racism I called off the whole thing.

Voice claims she’s my wife, cries, and tells me to wake up.

Two DJ’s, one with a shaved head.

A teacher…married to an albino pot head.

ha, well, Janis Joplin said, Get it while you can.

were any of these long relationships?

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Ritalin Rodney. He was a 1950’s greaser with a penchant for dubstep.

Mostly a few months to a year. Longest relationship is my current one, 4 years.

She’s a good girl, nothing like what I used to date, she keeps me steady. By her own admission she’s a nerd who’s never been bad. Her mother has backed that up. Lol


it’s amazing how that eventually happens,
a relationship that lasts, that works out.

probably best you didn’t sit around waiting for her though,
even though people say that.

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I got myself one of those nowadays, too. Going on 8 years with Mr. Star, married 4.5.


Woohoo go @Ninjastar. Getting those relationship years with Mr star going like a boss!

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Lol. It is weird to think about. It still feels like I just met him, but I’ve now been with him a full 1/4 of my life.

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