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Hello Community Of Carayzee … ,

Has Anyone Ever Seen Tha Commercial " life alert " … ,

It Is Supposedly An Organization That Sends You a One Button Pressing Of Protection If You Fall and Can’t Get Up … ,

It’s Lyke a Necklace With a Button and If Something Bad Happens You jus Press tha Button and You Are Connected To Someone Who Can Ask Questions and Send Help if You Are In Trouble … ,

e(Y)e haven’t Tried It Or Known Anyone Who Has , but It Is a Great Idea If It Truly Is Positive … ,

Give It a Search if You Feel Lyke You Are At Thee End Of Your Wits … ,

N E Hoo ,

Jus An Idea … ,

and If You Have Tried It and Know About it In Your Own Personal Way Feel Free To Give a Review In Thus Thread … ,

Gracias In Advance …

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" I am jus a lil tree " - PAZ LENCHANTIN


A step father that i had once had a relative who fell down the basement stairs.

She layed broken for days and died on the floor. No one ever came.

Life alert is a great idea id say.

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Thanks For tha Feedback @pansdisease … ,

e(Y)e think that For N e One Who Feels Alone , it Mite Be Safe and Useful Jus in Case Something Seriously Annoying Happens … ,

As those Older Weirdos Saye Sometimes , " Better safe than sorry! " ,

: )