June 1st today

Does anyone out there feel hopeful today?

Sort of… I like summer.

But this is when my schedule get’s busy too.

I think I’ll feel much better after this week… finals will be over.

Something about June always brings a lot of change to life.


How are you feeling today?

Kind of bored and frustrated really
But I’ve done well I’ve completed first year of degree

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I’ve only had one summer that I wasn’t institutionalized since 2009 and even then was my worst depression. Here’s to the best summer since 09…the best year of my life…before I got sick. It would be weird to have a normal summer. It’s suppose to be good times but I’m not used to it. Summers usually a bummer for me.

My batteries are dead. My generator is shot. My chassis is rusting.

good luck :four_leaf_clover: with your finals… :books:
take care :alien:


I’m taking on a new psychiatrist in June, my eighteenth. I wish this year would get off the ground.

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Only 3 days left until the NBA FINALS …so we have that to look forward to.

I’m feeling happy that June is here because winter has come and its my favourite season :blush: