Jump Starting your brain

Does anyone else find they have to go through a lot of pain just to get your head space right at the beginning of each day?

Sometimes it feels easy, other days it’s very hard - like today

Seems to be a motivation issue, but not sure. Might be I need to increase Sertraline, however I don’t want to take more.

I am normally up and about around 5:30am-6am, and then at work by 8am. This morning I laid in bed until 9am in a pure rage that I even opened my eyes and have a whole other day to contend with

My routine has been out the window since mid-December, as I work outside, and my project has not been possible to work on a lot of the time as it has been too wet or cold outside to work with cement.

Everything seems so dis-jointed.

My usual support of my mother is not there anymore, as she is so busy with working long hours recently, so I feel I have no one I can talk too.

The helpline here seem to not be bothered by any of this. My case worker doesn’t listen to my concerns, and the pdoc just thinks I need more meds all the time and I am getting tired of it.

My hope is from Monday, I will have this ongoing project finished, and I can move on and plough through my next planned jobs.

idk. It seems so hard at the moment, without even factoring in Covid-19

I also have been trying online dating, and no one seems interested in me other than people who’re much much older than me who just want sex…


I’m not sure about ‘jump starting’ There are days when my brain works well and days when it doesn’t though. Some days it can be like having 50 TV channels on at the same time, and struggling to watch any of them properly . Filtering out the irrelevant from the relevant can be hard on those days.

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This is how I felt when I got out of bed today. My head was spinning out of control and I could not focus. The leash on my thoughts just wasn’t cutting it. Too much stimulating material running through it and I found it to be very overwhelming.

I try to just shut down, but usually the work commitments I have to other people forces me to get into this jump start routine I try every day of just pumping my body full of nicotine and caffeine to try and get some focus and ‘snap out of it’.

Doesn’t always seem to work unfortunately.

It sounds like you need to get back into the swing of your routine… Hopefully after this cold you’ll get back into the swing of things… Hang in there in the mean time… I am sorry you’re feeling like this though… Try like a tea or coffee in the morning? Idk it helps me at times just a thought… Hope you feel better soon


Try ginko biloba herb it helps wit that

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I used to go through quite a bit of mental torment from 2013 to 2020 and sometimes I’d have relief for a while like when I was focusing on reading or watching TV or talking with someone but then it got less and less and now I’m barely bothered by it anymore for some reason.



I Usually Jump Start My Brain With Soda.

Many…, Many…, Many…, Many Soda’s. . .

I Sometimes Pretend My Soda Magically Turns Into Liquor. Like Mountain Tequila!.

The Taste Isn’t Too Sharp. And It Still Tastes Like Soda. Plus!, In Pretend Land, I’m Happy!.

Happy As A Ninja In A Quentin Tarantino Film. . .

Only Without The BLOOD!.

Ew!. I Hate Blood. . . . . . .



Yes. It takes about 3 hours for me to feel human after waking up.


I’m the opposite right now. The build up of adrenaline in my limbs makes me ache, I’ve got so much energy :confused: I’ve not been at work for the last year (usually a chef), but have been home schooling my kid for the best part of the last year.

Replying because I just wanted to let you know, I know what you mean. Is there a morning routine you could install to help yourself cope with the days you feel like this?

My symptoms and struggles with them definitely increase with lack of sleep. Not only am I less competent in dealing with them and keeping them in perspective, the voices sense I am not on my game, and redouble their efforts to annoy me

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