@jukebox your skeleton on the wall conversation


We were talking about talking with dead relatives through physical bits and pieces the other day and I told you about the fluffly seed thing my nana sends me… Here’s a picture of one that just flew to me.


wow that is pretty…thank you for thinking of me. @anon84763962 you are a sweet person to show me that.

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As soon as it came to me I wanted to show you.


that’s really awesome thank you so much. It’s beautiful. like a star in the light of the picture.


Yep, I keep them in a jar. I have tonnes.

I got a bit worried with this one because when I came in, the next song to play on the stereo was “I’m almost with you” by the church. And I thought that meant that I was going to die soon?!

But Mr turtle put my mind at ease.

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