Judge me. Am i a Psycho?

it’s been 3 nights. I have been sleeping with my imaginary husband.
(Only kisses and cuddling):relaxed::kissing_closed_eyes:

Only 19 years old.:rofl:

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Have u ever visited doc office …!!! Go see a doctor soon …!!!

Sounds like you have a vivid imagination

I’ve done this during periods of hypersexuality. Is it more of a vivid fantasy, or can you actually see and feel him?

Hey fatass, is he 19 in your dreams, or are you.
Not psycho, lonely maybe, psycho has more sentences…


Psycho can mean psychotic or a term for a psychopath. You could be psychotic, meaning you are in the middle of a psychotic episode due to several conditions, one of which obviously is schizophrenia. I doubt you are a psychopath. (Even though for some reason people now enjoy calling themselves psychopaths or sociopaths.)

But, it sounds like you could be in the middle of a psychotic break which is manifesting as a delusion. If that is the case, like the venerable sexiest man alive said, Go see a doctor soon. A doctor can help you manage your disease and find a antipsychotic medication that works best for you. He or she can help you ground yourself.

All of my delusions have been negative and painful so I can’t claim to know what that would be like. But, no matter how enjoyable they seem, it is better to be here in reality.


No. It’s just like a fairy tale you know.

I never thought things will be this serious. Your comments are making me feel scared. Happily i didn’t do that last night.
I appreciate it, Futomimi. But don’t worry. It’s nothing serious i guess. It can be those teenage symptoms. Or maybe the side effect of watching too many romantic movies.

I am 19.

I think you understood me better. I am a lonely person

Toot: i just saw the word maybe after writing this comment.

When you sleep, do you really believe he is there or is it sort of a fantasy you create and which you know isn’t real?

Fantasy for sure. It’s like a dream which i wish to be in my future husband if i ever get married, duh.

Then it isn’t psychosis it is just daydreaming.


That sounds like a perfectly normal part of you exploring your sexuality. If it interferes with your ability to sleep, or you start blowing off responsibilities to stay home and daydream, that would be bad. If that happens, you might need to seek help. But otherwise, just enjoy your active imagination!

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