Journal Entry Two 8/22/20

Today I woke up well. Took a shower and had waffles for breakfast. I planned to go out to West Elm and Z gallerie to check out furniture ideas. I felt alright but was a little nervous due to my problem. I went to Anthropologie and I was thinking all these thoughts that are not usually mine. Images that are distorted and people waiting to hurt me at any moment. Then I went to Z Gallerie and took some pictures and West Elm. I felt so anxious. Why am I seeing/hearing these things. This is not me. Then I went quickly home. I wanted to go to Mental Urgent care but I didn’t. Tomorrow I am going out again with the help of @Leaf. She is going to help me by being online with me. I am very fortunate. I hope to take my meds at 4pm and sleep early.


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