Journal Entry One 8/21/20

Dear Journal,

Today I woke up at 6:30am and took a shower and dressed and went to get iced tea and breakfast from downstairs. Then my friend and I went out to get some groceries and chocolates from Sees. Then I took a small nap. My worries were about people keep telling me I was going to die and worse and I don’t think there is a camera on me but they might think so. I want to do a vlog on my problems starting tomorrow. I want to make it until my friend and I move into our new house or until my mom comes and visits me. But I basically don’t want me or my sister to die. I am afraid of people like the President and the like reading intrusive thoughts. So maybe I will try to vlog and post it as soon as possible.
Best Wishes,


I’m sorry you’re afraid you’re going to die. I think it’s really healthy to journal and vlog your thoughts and emotions. I hope it helps.

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Hi @Pianogal ! Do you have a vlog?

No. I don’t like taking videos or pictures of myself. But I think it’s a great outlet

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