Joshua Gordon Wants to Remake Mental Health Care, on a Budget

Dr. Joshua A. Gordon, the new director of the National Institute of Mental Health, took office in the final year of Barack Obama’s presidency. But he has this much in common with Obama’s successor: He has little patience for incremental reforms.

A 49-year-old psychiatrist who made his reputation as a brilliant researcher of mice with mutations that mimic human mental disorders, Gordon is convinced that radical changes are needed in the treatment of illnesses like schizophrenia. In an interview in his office at the NIMH campus in Bethesda, Maryland, he lamented that while modest improvements have been made in patient care over the last few decades, we don’t know enough about the brain to “even begin to imagine what the transformative treatments of tomorrow will be like.”


Well, he has a point. Treatments have only seen modest improvements over the last few decades. Serendipity can only take us that far. We need a solid understanding of the brain function before anything else.


Time has come they need to focus on sz…nimh is largest sz reasearch till now mr trump has to allocate a larget economic stuff to sz research…

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> The time has come for man to set himself a goal. The time has come for man to plant the seed of his highest hope. His soil is still rich enough. But one day this soil will be poor and domesticated, and no tall tree will be able to grow in it. Alas, the time is coming when man will no longer shoot the arrow of his longing beyond man, and the string of his bow will have forgotten how to whir.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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Hey andery u are talented…sup buddy…!!!

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Sounds like a realist, i am glad

Hmm, I like him, hope they don’t get their funding cut.

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I’ve heard it said that the 21st century will be “the century of the brain”, where they get all the neural circuitry mapped out. It raises a lot of philosophical questions. That, and the progress of genetic engineering, is going to confront us with a lot of quandries.