Jon you wanted confrontation

How bout standing up for quality and authenticity

I poetry and creative arts?

Otherwise everything you’ve done means nothing

Lol daze I’m just messing with you. Take a joke :smile:

I stopped writing and blogging

I’m done

But I’m not giving it to crap

Me too daze! I’m having a good day! Burger. Now I’m going into town for coffee and the used book store!!! Be excited :wink:

Ah huh


I’m more skilled in the art than for my own good

But I’ll stand by it too

For anybody

I’ve hung with greats


See ya

I’ve been suspended for worse

I’ve also found Jon you say something then if there is opposition

You back down and say I was kidding

Or something like that

Notice your comments stand and mine don’t

So just stand by it

Convictions happen by being raised in a religion

With moral and aesthetic compass