Jon, I wanted to give you, and anyone starting school some advice

I think it is fantastic what you are doing right now with your life,

just wanted to tell you, don’t think that you can turn an essay assignment
into something creative in your classes,

that won’t fly, and you might get a big fat F. You are not rewarded for
creativity except in the classes where you are, and then you should shine
like the light of heaven, cuz I know you can.

Always know what is expected out of you, and do what they ask.
You’ll do just fine.


They don’t have grades at my school it’s a very progressive school. No such thing as an F. :slight_smile:


Nice to see you back daze

No scoring system? How do you know if you can take a masters or a doctors after that?

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You get a 2 page written evaluation for every course. It’s actually very effective for grad school because they get a 20 page transcript that tells all about you. They learn more about you in 2 pages than they do in the last ten transcripts combined. (I’m quoting my tour session person here). Because in the writtten evaluations it says everything you did in the class rather than just a list of letters or a number (your gpa). You may think it’s too good to be true but it actually WORKS and the statistics prove it.

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ok, well, they will still have requirements, right?

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That sounds great! Very progressive indeed.

That’s great that you’re going there, very jelly here :slight_smile:

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I’d love to hear what you did with your essay assignments, Daze, to pick up that piece of wisdom. I bet it was amazing, even if your professors weren’t prepared for it.

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I don’t think I have any of those old papers, we’re talking about 25 years ago,

but I remember I had to give a presentation with another student,
we worked together on it.

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You have a way of approaching an idea and spinning it on its head. I imagine you came up with some great takes on your assignments.

oh, ok, thanks. I’ve gotten better over the years. It’s a progression.


Thank you @Daze I’m currently taking biology. It’s very hard but my school has an option where you can convert your grade to a passing/fail grading system.

I just might do that so I can get my associates degree and not have my g.p.a. be effected.

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yeah, I’ve done that, it’s usually, what? about 80% or so, at least that’s what my online classes require for quizzes, it’s

still above a C, isn’t it?

I am not sure what the percentages are, but I think how it works is you have the option of switching from the traditional grading system (A through F) to a pass/fail grading option.

So if I do the Pass/fail grading option, and I pass, I get a P.

I have read that some colleges don’t accept courses with a P though.

not sure. I remember at least one at my university, you had to elect if you wanted pass/fail,
but it was still counted.

Are you talking about transferring credits, or grad school? I’m not sure. I was straight one school B.A.

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Sorry. What I meant was colleges I transfer to might not accept the P grade. The school I am currently at will accept it for my degree.

That’s great you got your B.A. :smiley:

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yeah, you’re right, they may not. I would go to a school next that works well the one you attended.

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