Joke -Made me laugh

Q: What’s the difference between a lentil and a chickpea?

A: Donald Trump wouldn’t pay $1000 to have a lentil on his face.


jokes like this really piss Donald Trump off.

But energy did not win …

Old joke…

Q: What’s the difference between a Circus and a Beauty Pageant?

A: A Circus has a cunning array of stunts.


Welcome your new president “Rump” at the “Red” House, voted it by the"Putin-tang"

Now if you’ll all turn your virtual books to the first page in Russian
Меня зовут Rump (“men-ya za-voot”) - My name is Rump.
PlayКак дела? - How are things?
Плохо - Bad
До свидания (“da-svee-da-nee-ye”) - Good-bye.
or amongst friends and family
Пока (“pa-ka”) - Bye

And a beauty pageant has a stunning array of…
Omg! No

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Putin is actually a hardcore capitalist, would not believe this because he was a KGB Colonel …

Politics isn’t my thing, but even I know when a leader isn’t to be considered a “good” man.

Look he will keep us from war with Russia for at least some of my kids childhood…

England’s Queen likes Putin … the history tells this …

Likes him for what?

In the same as Putin likes the former Czar of Russia …

They did have nice structures and fine garments to see.

and much more …