Joining Stigma discussion programme

I been working for my parents for 7 years and I must say,they treat me very well I believe there is no better place to be,I work for 11 hrs a day for 6 days a week,it’s a pretty low stress job

A week ago I called my case manager and she told me there would be a stigma programme for mentally ill for me to join to discuss with similar people,i agreed to join the programme and she already sign me up,it would be for 7-8 week,every Friday

I look forward to the programme and my dad also supported me to join the programme,I hope it will help in my recovery and also I can learn to socialize and make more friends similar to me,I feel that my parents and the hospital team is very supportive of me,I am thankful to them


This is very cool. I bet the learning experience will be very interesting. I’m glad you have your families support and encouragement. Good luck and I hope it turns out to be fun.


Sounds like a great idea! Hope things work out for you

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good on you.
take care