Joined a gathering of high school classmates

I joined a gathering of three high school classmates yesterday. But this is not very desirable for me because my two other classmates have little in common with me. I am interested in arts and social sciences, while my classmates are interested in making money and investment. What they talked about was how they made a decision in buying a property of high potential and how they managed the money. it’s good to listen to them talking for a while but if “money” topic occupied the whole meeting period and always the same, I would be fed up.

I wish to have friends, but if a person has nothing in common with me, it will be hard to have good chat therefore to develop friendship.

Good friends can be hard to find. You just have to keep trying.

I have no contact with anyone from my school years. I have picked my friends carefully and let the friendship slowly grow to something wonderful.

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I had some quality friends and whatnot in my high school years.

But though I’ve been more recently contacted by several of them over the internet I haven’t met up with any of them. Two were ex girlfriends who are now married but even others who’ve asked to meet up I’ve hesitated. It is interesting to see where everybody is these days though. I mean one who graduated second in her class is now happily tending bar and has yet to make any practical use of her literature degree. Another who was this goofy pothead became an officer in the air force and is now a sculptor and artist…go figure.

I’ll talk to them online but when it comes to meeting most of them I hesitate. It was so long ago and while these may have been genuine friends I don’t always feel they’d necessarily understand what I’ve been through.

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