Joined a dancing group tonight

In China, there are millions of middle aged urban women dancing together in public in the evening. They usually are aged between 40-60 and dance on plazas. After dinner between 19:00 and 21:00, these women come out of their home and gather at the open space of a plaza or of a park. With the music, they twist their waists and stretch our their hands like willows. The number of the group is usually about 20. But sometimes it can reach 200.

This evening after dinner I came to the plaza nearby. I watched them dancing for a while and then I decided to join. A woman played the role of a leader as she was in charge of the music and taught us a set of the act for a new song. When the dancing activity ended I felt really refreshed and uplifted. It IS a good exercise for women.


Where I am they do this on the beach. They stretch and dance to music following the lead of an instructor. Women of all ages do this here. It’s been an issue with the neighbors and other beach goers though as the neighbors find the music too loud and the beachgoers feel annoyed at having a hundred women dancing on the beach. This was taken to the town council though and I think a compromise was reached.

Are there Chinese women dancing collectively in the USA? I am interested. I was amazed by so many women gathering and dancing in China. I have just been back to China this year.

Good for you @green5 ! Dance is a great way to exercise and feel good at the same time! :smiley:

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No it’s women of all sorts. It’s probably not the same exact thing but sounds similar to what your describing. They call it Zumba and it’s a popular form of exercise here.

Here in our neck of the woods a thing called Aqua Zumba is taking off. It’s a bit unusual, but the classes keep getting bigger and bigger.

Dancing is great exercise! One of my friends danced back in the day and I took her to the gym for a leg workout yesterday. She kicked ass. She was very flexible and it was really attractive, but she’s asexual, lol. My thighs are like twice as big but her calves are as big as mine. Damn she has great legs. Legs are my favorite part about women. For guys I notice their torsos, faces and hair more.