John's Quandry

John came back from the Psych Ward in the US and realized the end of the month was coming up. He recognized that if he didn’t make a purchase in 7 days the next SSI payment would put him over $2,000. So he bought something online and relaxed. 6 days later he received word that the package couldn’t be delivered and a refund was coming to the bank. He called to try to explain but the lady said the deal was final and that for being a good customer and a nice guy he’d get $50 more. John had no car like a lot of SSI recipients don’t and couldn’t reach a store for 2 days. So he went over the limit and was kicked off of SSI. So the government no longer paid for his $3,000 a month medicine, and he eventually had a relapse. He had command hallucinations, did as they said and ended up in jail. He then went homeless and died. Moral of the story: Don’t be a nice guy.

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Obviously the problem with this story is the guy may have had a relapse as it was. Of course I could say he was stressed by something for the Psych Ward visit which is why some people go. I guess I could have made more of an impact if I gave him a job which makes it even harder to stay within $2,000 as I once did in the middle of the month when I was working. Back then they checked it at the end of the month. I still had to go to the Social Security office a week after my regular checkup and explain for the millionth time that VISTA money didn’t count as a asset. I hope you learned something from this which is why I keep bringing up the subject.