Johnny Cash is my hero beating his addiction like he did

here I am on day 3 stopping smoking and I feel like praising Johnny Cash because he beat an amphetamine addiction when he first met June Carter, his second to be wife. Johnny found God and I don’t know exactly how he beat it. In the movie “walk the line” supposedly June and her family locked him up in his room and her family chased off dealers with shotguns that Johnny would try to bring to the house. funny movie, classic really. well, I already found God but Johnny is helping me keeping it real on these first dangerous days of slipping. I don’t want to slip. @velociraptor you are my hero too. same with you @77nick77

meh, no support for me on this site…I am proud of myself anyways…maybe once too many times I have been on day 3 but this time it’s PERSONAL…haha…thanks for nothing board. haha

I’m thinking of you Jukebox. Yeah, I guess you were just on day 3 too many times for us to believe you. If it helps any, I just came across your post now. Here’s a high five.

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thank you chordy…you’re a sweet heart. I have wanted to be day 3 for so long I don’t even have any cravings. I have learned many ways to cope since I’ve tried to stop smoking so many times. Anyways, I appreciate your support.

I got home an hour and a half ago from work and they serve dinner at 5:15. Just got on here. I’m glad I can serve as an example for anyone who seeks recovery from any addiction. Good luck jukebox.

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You have always been an inspiration to me nick. I don’t give you enough applause for what you’ve done and accomplished. thank you for posting on my thread, means a lot to me.

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Good ol sentimental Jukebox, lol. Enjoy your night and play some Beatles to get you in a good mood.

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Once at duplicate bridge, I met an 80 year old who was in super great shape.

I could see that he didn’t smoke, but I finally asked him, “Did you ever smoke?”

He replied, “Everyone used to smoke.”


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He (Johnny Cash) looked all drugged up at June’s funeral. The TV people said the Drs. had him medicated. But I think it was something that finally beat him.

I agree with Chordy, I just came across this too. I’m lookin for more days to go by. Somehow the third day is a milestone. Good going -

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Sorry for the late reply – hard to keep on top of things from the phone during breaks at work. Sending good vibes your way to help with quitting.


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I think cigarettes are one of the harder things to quit mentally anyway.there are a couple drugs that the withdraw can kill you but thats for another topic. Its too easy to get them and the triggers are common place eating waking up after sex ect. Good job keep it up.

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Go go Jukebox! You can do it! It’s easier than it seems, and gets better results in the long run.

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thank you all of you !! I am so happy I got some replies. I think the recent heart tests and all of that made me very determined to quit. I wouldn’t mind going to Heaven but I would rather live a few more years before that. so my stopping smoking is part of my new campaign for health.

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You might not like to hear this but it might help.

Try quitting for atleast 30 days before telling anyone. It might get you over the first hurdle

Good luck

I wish you good luck. Hope you can beat this addiction. I am on day 3 of not smoking weed.

Have you red Cash: An Autobiography? Very inspiring. JC made a film about Jesus and used local actors from the Middle East! Pretty rad.

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