Jobseekers told to call their depression 'low mood' on applications

Polyps… huuuge ones. The first doc called me a polyp factory.

I’ll heal. The pathology results come in 7 to 10 business days from now.

Take care, hon. :hugs:

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Yeah that’s right. Telling the truth on the personality test won’t get most of us the job.

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On most application forms it has a box to tick Yes,No,Rather Not Say for any disabilities Mental/Physical I always tick NO tbh

Won’t employers and human resources start catching on eventually after they get start getting a bunch of applicants who put “low mood” on their application?

What if employers read this article, lol?

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I tried to get a job at Captain Crunch and Corn Flakes but they said they don’t hire cereal killers. I insisted that the word I used was ‘serial’ but by then I had already been denied. I was honest when I put down schizophrenia when I applied to Fruit Loops though.


Don’t get me started on Rice Crispies.


Oh this… this was a heated debate in Instagram. We were criticizing about this.

Again, people are so ableist. It’s just horrible. :frowning:

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