Jobs on the side

so i have a couple of women staying soon who may be going to stay a bit longer so i am going to just take it a week at a time and i am hoping i am not taking on too much, they are from india but thats ok (just hope they know some english) lol

another thing i am doing is trying to get back to making jewellery as i bought a starter kit a while ago, i was hoping to make some and sell it online, just worried people wont like it and i will have done it all for nothing,

its hard finding the energy though :confused: and i have a huge problem doing what i think is proper work, something is holding me back, can i sell this online?


i just made my first beaded bracelet, it looks good and the colours blend well but i need to work on my ends bc idk if i am doing it right lol, at least it attaches though i guess.

Selling art for supplemental income is something you have to be very patient with. Imagine yourself shopping for a piece of clothing, there are thousands of pieces in the store, but you pick through everything until you find just what you want, or if you can’t find something you want, you just leave. That doesn’t mean that all those thousands of pieces of clothing were no good.

It’s just that people will sort and browse and search until they find something matches their tastes just right, and there is a lot of variety when it comes to people’s tastes in various things. If you put something up on say Etsy, it could be several months before it sells, or it could sell the next week, just depending on fate as far as when someone who happens to like it, happens to find it.

So don’t get discouraged, and make sure you are doing it because you enjoy doing it.

i’d like it to be a hobby and something i can do in my spare time but also make a bit of money from, if i can get my money back then i’d be happy, if i can break even.

My advice (only if you want it):

Add a special touch to each piece. Animal charms as one of many possible examples. It will make some people hone in on things, like if there is a bumble bee charm, and they really like bees. Or do an ocean theme. Whatever you want based on your own creativity, but little touches that make something more unique help things sell better IME.

I’ve never tried to sell any straight-up art because I mostly just do drawings, but I enjoy selling essential oil products, and I have found it helps when there is a little extra touch on something. Even offering different perfumes in different colored glass bottles sometimes does the trick, it’s funny.

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