Jobs in the fitness industry

Like, if you don’t follow the diet 100% or miss a training day, you could still talk about that.

I think vlogging is awesome for advertisement, especially if you don’t have qualifications. People can reqch out to you just by doing it.

My favourite fitness content creator right now doesn’t have qualifications…

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thats a great idea… ill give some thought to doing vlogs thanks :smiley:


Broski,I think joining the gym and start collecting knowledge is great idea.
You are great absorber of knowledge,and I think in three months you’ll be a pro.
Just be patient if few gyms turn you down.

I followed your YouTube chanel,and saw your transformation in shape.

It’s time for you.

Great idea @Charles_Foster :v:


thanks a lot man i really appreciate the encouragement :slight_smile:

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