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Do you think cleaning houses is possible while paranoid, delusional and hallucinating or would you wait until it’s under control?

  • Go for it!
  • Wait until stable

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I’m paranoid to clean in other people’s houses.
I would not do it

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I would think it depends on how bad it is. Personally I would wait. But, only you can answer that question. :zebra::zebra::zebra:


I cleaned condos while off meds and pretty sick.

It was nice to be able to focus on one task and see it through to fruition.

Gave me a sense of accomplishment.

It was pretty easy,

I feel like you should go for it and if it doesn’t go well, you can always quit.


If you feel like you can keep things at bay, give it a shot.


how many hours a day/week would you be working? Would you be working alone, or would there be someone there with you? Would it be private pay or would you work for a service?

Depends on how bad…i work when im mildly delusional. I even gave presentations to the board in a delusional mood. :-o But when im really bad…nah. Cant do a thing. Only you know what works for you… It might help keep your focus away from delusions.


I wouldn’t be able to. Especially with visual hallucinations, I would think the house was possessed. Then I’d be afraid of the people too. You never know who you are dealing with.


I’m thinking 3-4 houses per week. Id do it private pay with me in charge of my own business. I’m hoping after I see my pdoc I’ll get a change in medicine and feel clearer.


You’re starting your own business? Wow, good for you, best of luck! How are you going to get your name out there?

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I’m going to ask family members to get my name out to their coworkers and friends and start from there. I think I need to wait a bit. I’m having a lot of issues that I haven’t had in a long time.


Sorry to hear that. I hate relapses, it takes away the way your brain works too. That’s a good way to advertise your business! I used to think I had the whole world in my hands, now I’ve been beaten down by life. I don’t know when things will change…

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Yeah. I feel like everyone is a part of the scheme to get me tortured for info. And my old imaginary friends are back. I keep trying to tell myself not everyone is involved but I’m not convinced. I see my pdoc next week. Hopefully I get better after that.

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Its good you found two solutions.

  1. You can work by cleaning
  2. You can change your meds.

There’s hope. Right now it’s probably all unclear to you though. Abilify always made me much more paranoid and was so bad for me. I hope your pdoc can find the right med.

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Thanks! 15151515

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My mom does basic things for an elderly woman who hired her off Craigslist, to supplement her disability. Just doing laundry and picking up groceries and cleaning.

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It’s a black and white thinking job which is good for us. Also, you wouldn’t have to feel hard to replace if it were too difficult for you.

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Good points @agent101g and @chordy.

How well do you do cleaning your own house? My wife refuses to do housework. She is just lazy. I don’t particularly care for it but I keep the kitchen clean, vacuum the floors, wash and dry the clothes, empty the litter boxes and do the trash. I also dust.

My wife says I don’t do the dishes or the laundry well enough but it’s not bad enough that she does it. I turn all of our socks pink. Don’t do colors and whites. Never have enough whites for a whole load.

If I was doing it for someone else and for money I would probably have to do a better job.

You might even be able to make more money if you also prepare a meal for the people for when they get home from work.

One of my wife’s best friends is a neat freak and keeps a house worthy of being in a magazine. She cleans houses for a living and loves it. She does a good job.


I can keep a clean house. I used to clean for my sister. She loved it. I need to wait as I’m freaking out right now about things. But maybe it’s in my future