Job opportunity risking benifits

If the UK really makes peoples financial situation worse if they work, that’s sad and a disincentive.

Do they just brute force people into it anyway?

I know how the rules are here somewhat, and you are probably always better off, although some might fear losing their Medicaid health insurance.

I mean the UK gives everyone health insurance.
Are you sure it works that way?
I’m not trying to be a pest.


Ohh. They take away your benefits here at a 1 to 2 ratio for everything over $65 here.

its complicated, the old system says i can do permitted work, under 16hrs and not earn any more than £140 a week

the new benefit is a bit more relaxed stating i could earn nearly £300 a month but anything over that they will take 63p off every pound i earn.

I am on the old system atm and this job exceeds the earnings limit so it means i would be taken off my unemployment benefits if i did that unless i can work something out somehow

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I’m sure there’s a loophole somewhere you can exploit I like the idea of asking them if you can cut a deal

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Thanks @MisterCrowley I hope so, they say they are happy to talk about being flexible or something so its a chance,

I have been working on this form :frowning: i tried my best but it doesn’t seem right, i only have tomorrow to finish it now :frowning: and i feel like starting from scratch again, i really think i have a good chance with this job and it sounds exciting. but this part of the form is very hard to fill.

I got an idea why not discuss with the employer taking a pay cut just enough to stay on benefits

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I phoned an advice line and i thought i might try and ask if i can work less hours but make up the rest as a volunteer, hopefully its a good compromise, they sent me an email saying they received my form and they’ll let me know if i’m selected for interview,

Interview is next Monday, I’m getting help from a project worker but it depends if i get notified of selection before the weekend.

Yeah I’ve dealt with the benefits police in my country who didn’t understand why their rules were so constricting. Yet on the other hand it’s quite likely I wouldn’t have been able to work till retirement age as it was. So I have sympathy along with mixed feelings.

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