Job offer this morning

Got offered another job today. I like the job and it pays pretty good but it’s in a small town in Wisconsin.

That’s too far north for this southern boy. Too cold.

Gonna keep looking.


You sound confident , that’s good. Best of luck with the job hunt :sunny:

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I have a few other things cooking right here in Louisiana and one other deal in Florida I am working on so I am going to hold out for now.

This guy really liked my resume though and it would be an easy job but that’s just too far from home.

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I’m glad you have other offers, for we all know that a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush.

Is the Florida offer on the Panhandle?

No. It’s near Tampa. I keep looking in Pensacola and Fort Walton but haven’t found anything yet.


That’s near me.

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Pensacola has a tough job market,

Its just so over saturated by retired military dudes.

I’m happy you have plenty of prospects,

Good luck!

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Good luck with the job hunt! The panhandle area is oversaturated as others have said, I was going to school in the area.

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Yeah. I am retired military as well. There is a lot of competition for jobs there. I used to own a house in Pensacola but I sold it. I was stationed there from 95 to 97

How weird,

I was in Pensacola during the same time period!

My dad was stationed there before he retired.

And my family still has a house there just in case someone wants to move back,

Not I.

To freaking humid.


Tampa Bay is a great place to live

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