Job ideas?

I am still mulling around with the idea of going back to work someday. I am currently on SSD and Medicare. I don’t want to pay higher medical costs. I haven’t been a taxpayer since 1999 since I was way too sick. I am hoping I am doing my part for society right now by helping out my 90 year old dad, my 89 year old mother in law and my disabled wife. The longer I can keep my dad and mom in law out of a nursing home and my wife well the better. Sadly I realize my dad and mom in law will be gone soon so I may have some free time to devote to other pursuits. I am in my mid 40s and I do not have any other major health problems other than a bit of osteoarthritis, some lipid issues, slightly high BP when I am stressed and I am still a little bit overweight.

I don’t think anyone is really going to force me to go back to work or school, but I am wondering if anybody has gone back after more than 10+ years of being on disability and what kind of work you do and what challenges you face.

I don’t think I will ever be able to handle sitting in a computer help desk cubicle for 8 hours a day again… Most of my computer skills are pretty dated but I know how to format drives, install operating systems, do backups, clean up viruses,use quite a few apps etc… mostly basic stuff… I think I am pretty patient with dealing with people…

Also wondering if anyone has gone the entrepreneur route… all the entrepreneurs I know seem pretty happy overall with their work although they tend to be workaholics.

I don’t necessarily want to do the college thing again either… I don’t have much money and really don’t want to do student loans… Has anyone taken reasonably priced online courses that they recommend?

I am not looking to make a lot of money… it’s really more about being around people and doing something useful without making myself sick again. Volunteer job suggestions are good too…

Have you considered being a peer specialist?

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Look around you jobs are were your ate the cauch is to know what one pay and do. And were to sign up. Me under the table jobs are know what to say and do to get the job done and on time.

I’m not sure exactly what this means, but don’t work under the table. You could get in a lot of trouble doing that. I think it’s fraud, and the government won’t look kindly upon it.

You might be able to qualify for a Pell Grant if you wanted to go back to school.

I’m sure you’ll find something good. Retail isn’t that bad if you can get used to the schedules.

Oh hey-- I have a question about that too… Do you think it is considered working under the table if I drive my brother to work and get my dad groceries and I take him to the doctors and they give me a little extra money? I don’t make anything near the Substantial Gainful Activity level of $1000 but I am nervous about reporting it to SSA because I don’t know if it would force a review or cause other problems…

I don’t think your family giving you money really counts.

SSA is not concerned about monies given to you for errands and chores by family members. That does not, in any lawful sense, count as “employment.” That’s what SSA is concerned about. If you are making money from a job while on SSDI, then that would count. What you are talking about is not gainful employment.

In my cursory understanding of labor laws, I believe working “under the table” is fraud, but fraud on the employer’s behalf, because they are not withholding tax monies. Another negative aspect of working under the table is there is no recourse or protection afforded to the employee.

My brother worked under the table while on SSI, and nearly lost his SSI when he was caught. The employer was busted for paying his whole staff under the table including a few illegals. I would suggest at first to volunteer and see if you can handle the pressure that’s what my therapist suggested for me was to volunteer at an animal shelter.

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You mean like maybe showing patients how to use a computer one on one? That might be cool.

Yeah, small amounts of money that you get from relatives or even friends is looked upon by Social Security as “Gifts”. OR, I think you can earn up to $75.00 per month without it effecting your benefits. I’m not positive but maybe someone can back me up on this.

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I take one online class at a time. I’ve been doing it for 2 or 3 years. Each class cost $174.00, not including books.


jobs i did were,
dish washer
green keeper
sales and marketing
film industry driving trucks
self employed
i always found work that suited my limitations , my sz.
if i did not like the people , i just left.
take care


I did a little searching on the internet and I am thinking the only problem it might cause me is if they regard it as significant Activities of Daily Living (ADL)… It was only short term, but I also was able to care for my aunt fairly well when she was dying of cancer…

I agree with cbbrown, voluntary work is a good way to test the water as regards getting back into the workforce.

Also, for whatever eventual work you choose, try something stress free.

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EdX is a great resource for free online education. The material is free, the class is free, the only cost you have is internet access (which you have anyways) and the courses are from top universities like Harvard and MIT. They don’t give credit hours, but they do give certificates of completion. My aunt took one and she said that 90% of people (or more) didn’t make it, so they are challenging and you will learn something. My aunt has two degrees: political science and accounting. She is a community college professor. She liked them.


security guarding would be perfect for me.


I was a security guard when I was 19. I worked graveyard, guarding industrial parks that were under construction from thieves who would try to steal wood or wire or nails. By myself. If you’re paranoid, jobs like those aren’t the best. This was before cell phones, so if something would have happened I would have had to handle it alone. I got so tired of trying to look everywhere at once so I just layed down in my car and slept. Lol.

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@dandydinmot…I agree. I used to work as a security guard and it was a great job. Stress free and you had a load of different assignments where you met people and saw different aspects of the work environment. It was a good job.

Anyway, Go for it!