Jittery side affect

Went to the doctor’s today, she lowered my meds to 700 Seroquel instead of 800, i hope helps with the side effects. Today I’ve been extremely jittery, but I was standing a while out in the hot sun while I waited for the bus, heat tends to cause jittery-iness in me. Does anyone else have this problem? I think it’s from my medication and my body chemical’s reacting to the medication & heat at the same time but I don’t know. I’ve been home about an hour now and trying to cool myself back down but can’t get the jitters to stop.

Jitters would be a really unusual side effect for 'Quel in my experience. Are you taking other meds (like an anti-D)? Drinking coffee or energy drinks or black tea? Eating a lot of sugar or chocolate? Doing street drugs of any kind?

I know I feel weird after being in the sun too long. I’m on Risperdal and Latuda by the way.

Can’t do that on Risperdal. It increases sensitivity to sunlight.

I’m sorry that’s happening to you. I don’t get that at all, but I do experience it sometimes inside the house when I’ve been hyped up over something. Hope it passes.

I’m Seroquel XR, as of tonight starting 700 MG (dropping from 800 doctor’s orders) and I take the generic form of Lexapro, and Lorezapam. I’m also on Vitamin D supplements.

No I don’t drink energy drinks, can’t handle those, haven’t eaten much today, my tummy was a little uneasy and I felt it was better to wait until I got back home to eat anything. I did eat my usual breakfast, but it’s what I eat every morning…

Also I hate coffee, and haven’t had much sugar today, no chocolate yet. No street drugs, have enough problems with regular drugs and illness to even attempt something street wise.

My doctor did say I could be slightly over medicated at the moment which is why we dropped my seroquel from 800 to 700. It’s happened to me in the past though if I’ve been out in the heat for very long I start feeling jittery, and the longer I expose myself to heat the more jittery I become.

Bingo. What’s the dosage? Lex is an anti-D and a stimulant… with a potential to induce “jitters.” Ativan can also cause problems because it sets off a sine wave of relief followed by withdrawal that can be experienced as… “jitters.”

20 MG of the generic Lexipro, and .10 of Lorezapam. After I got home yesterday and started to calm down I laid out on the sofa and relaxed and the jitters went away. I really think it was from the heat of the sun, I had to stand almost directly under it when I was waiting for the stupid bus. There isn’t much shade there. I’m fine now, actually no, I’m trying to get this side effects from last nights medication mix-up to pass through…I meant to take the 700 MG of Seroquel she prescribed but accidentally too my two 400 I was on and the 300 she gave me. I fell okay, just a bit of nausea, and lightheadedness/dizziness. I took it easy today and tonight think I’m only going to take the 400 to counter act the mixup from last night.

These particular jitters are most like associated with 1100 mgs of Seroquel and being in the hot sun. But 20 mgs of Lexapro escitalopram is a pretty stiff dose. (I guess I’m a little surprised to see that high a dose for a person with sz.)

All the anti-psychotics - both typical and atypical - mess up the body’s temperature regulation mechanisms. That’s probably why the sun made you giddy. The med’s affect people differently. I’ve taken 800 mg Seroquel for over ten years, and I was never really able to tell I was taking it. I take 160 mg Geodon with it. That seems to be the best medication regimen for me. Hopefully you’ll find something with which you are comfortable and that controls your symptoms.