Jiddu Krishnamurti

I find this guy to be amazing. Because I was so obsessed with flipping letters and words around, his philosophy of taking the label off of objects has helped greatly in my recovery. The guy was brilliant. I found this quote by him today and figured I’d put it here.


I like ug krishnamurti better

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I’ll definitely check him out. Feel free to post a video of his that you think says something true about reality

That is a crazy quote. In a good way.

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How do you know thats his quote? I could of typed up some philosophical jargon and slap a photo on it.

I dont trust quotes these days lol

Its important to love open heart, open mind to some degree x

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It is - if you are not loved - you are still capable of giving love and that is just as rewarding as being loved.

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I found it in a book of his collected speeches I’m reading. It was from a talk he gave in Bombay, India on February 21st, 1965


why do the poor need to be reformed?


I guess we don’t need to do anything. It would be nice if people didn’t have to starve and live in poverty, though.

without love there is no purpose to these activities. Some people may think it’s about economics. Some people about politics. He’s saying it’s all about the love.

my guess

He was a part of the theosophy society. They did weird stuff. The society closed down.


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