Jethro Tull

When it comes to discussing rock & roll this is an often over-looked band. And there is no one in this band named “Jethro Tull”. It’s just the name of the whole band. But these guys put out many records, including “Living in the Past”, and “Aqualung” two of their top records of the seventies.


Sounds like you are really fond of Rock & Roll music. I like POP music more and some jazz. The singers I like most are Taylor Swift , Adele Adkins and John Lennon. I am not sure if some of them are Rock singers.

I’m a huge John Lennon fan. I just bought a box set of all his solo recordings.

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Jethro Tull were fairly popular at my private(public) school but not as much as groups like ELP and Yes.

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I’m a huge Jethro Tull fan!

The songs you named. Thick as a brick is another great one. And some others I forget. That damn flute! Classic! This is my favorite music. I put locomotive breath on my new cd I burned for my car.

Don`t forget Bungle in the Jungle!
Love Aqualung…

Is it just me or do the background dancers seem to not be dancing to this song! It’s like they are dancing in slow motion while the song is a fast one!

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How do you dance to Jethro Tull anyway?
Ian Anderson is so young and crazy here.

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I don’t like the “gross” songs Jethro Tull sings so I just skip aqua lung but I love the aqua lung album other than the cover track. haha…oh well. M. U. the best of Jethro Tull and Heavy Horses are my favorite ones by Jethro Tull