Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights

Pedro was in the wilderness for 10 years!

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I’m in the doghouse, but, that’s marriage.



I’m not a religious person, but I like the scene where Satan offers Jesus dominion over the whole physical world, and Jesus turns it down.

I read the entire Bible when I was 17, not out of any religious interest, more out of curiosity and for inspiration. I was into that ancient astronaut stuff at the time so this had a lot to do with it. Thing about Christianity is, I was raised in the Episcopal church which is very lenient generally and never once heard one mention of fire and brimstone stuff, so I’m open minded towards it. I respect Jesus’s pacifist response towards those who wished to kill him in the worst way and did, I can relate to that. What turns me off is him showing up on the scene in the beginning of many new testament accounts and being all like “those who do not follow me are condemned to hell” That I can’t deal with, I find the same thing within the first few pages of the Koran, I wish I could read more of it, but as soon as it’s all like the non-believers are going to hell I’m like, nope sorry.


That’s only because Jesus was single. If he was married, Satan would have offered it to his wife. Just sayin’.



So absolute truth is unacceptable and only relative truth is acceptable? Relative truth isn’t truth at all. If everyone can make up anything they want and it’s true/fine for whoever believe’s whatever they believe, that just means there is no absolute truth and all religions are fake and lies. If something said or taught isn’t true, then it’s not worth teaching.

The Bible says that hell wasn’t made for us, but if someone chooses to go there by rejecting God doing everything he can to save us from hell, then somehow God’s on the same level as a Sith Lord? Really? So when did a Sith Lord love a people so much that he literally died just to save them? The Bible says that God does’t want anyone to go to hell, but if that’s what they choose, then somehow He’s the bad guy? If you choose to ignore reality, that’s you’re choice, but don’t attack someone who not only tells you the truth but does everything they can to save you.

Much religion topics. Very unusual beliefs

he was unrecognisable lol and moses was lost for 40 years in the desert, just saying

i haven’t read much about it though

I don’t consider religion an unusual belief, as unusual as religious beliefs can be something so historically integral to human society I don’t think can be deemed an unacceptable belief, which “unusual beliefs” as they are here basically are. A psychiatrist once told me “I am not an arbiter of reality” to which I responded, no, but you basically play the role, he damned me not knowing (I hope) for whom and for what reasons upon which he was acting. But this is basically what our “unusual beliefs” are, invalidation by a select few. I know the majority of us come to a point in life in which they believe they know everything, I knew that a very long time ago, I see this as a plague of ignorance, deciding all that is known is all there is to know, which for a fact the British Parlaiment actually tried to declare at some point in the 1800’s. I wish I remembered which book I read that in, something taking jabs at the theater of the bizarre that is our species and it’s society.

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we can say we are lucky to be alive

Jesus didn’t have a choice. Born to a mother who told him he was the son of god.

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