Jesus is Sovereign King of Kings and Lord of Lords

I just thought I would talk about what I think God is about in my own thread and watch it burn, but if someone talks about God as something that doesn’t exist…ohhhh that subject thread lasts for days…■■■■■■■ hypocrits here on this site.

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Juke man they don’t know what’s what.

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“Oh no Karen is here. Karen loves God.”

I got caught up in the moment there. I shouldn’t have posted this. I was just angry for a minute.

I was once Jesus and I was also the fathers disciple or whatever. . It was pretty scary. Quite a traumatizing delusion

I wouldn’t wanna be Jesus way too much responsibility there

I hear you. I used to believe I was the only one who could bring Jesus back to earth (post rapture beliefs). I was exhausted from praying and my knees were bloody from praying on the carpet.

Yeah opening up to religious ideologies just serves as a platform for my voices to do odd things.

Having trouble with that right now actually. Got thunder rolling outside. Voices keep saying “you’re a Christian” over and over again.

I know the Christian worldview. I have not seen any evidence for God. Inversely though I have seen evidence for what might be the devil. Who knows though.

It is what psychosis does though, questioning a worldview that used to go without saying.

Then I am psychotic, because that is exactly what I am doing now.
I used to be a strong Christian, but something happened to me and my belief system has veered from Christianity to the Greek Pantheon, then on to the current Ascension phenomenon, and is now moving towards Aliens. My beliefs, which were pretty solid, are now like a little butterfly fluttering from one flower of philosophy to the next. The human brain is truly a wonder to us all.

Best wishes,

Some of you guys just make me so sad. I would love to just pull you into my world for a month to show you how kind and loving this world is.

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When I look for angry things and injustice… and indignation… I easily find it.

But when I step back and let go of my anger… I find a lot people are in the same boat as me… just trying to get through their day too.

I’ve meet a lot of people who are just nice… for no other reason then to be nice… some religious… some not…

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This forum sometimes needs a good mom. And sometimes, you’re it.

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Dare I say “Trolling taken to a whole new level?”

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Would I offend if I nominated Bruce Campbell for a close second?

That CHIN! Glorious!

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“Jesus and Hennessy go good together”

Lecrea- Indwelling Sin

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My husband loves lacrae.

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I think Jesus had schizophrenia

So did Joan of Arc

And Mohammad did too