Jelousy but why

I have recently had a bout of jelousy with my friends with benefits. This bothers me since it is out of character. I usually dont care at all whoever he sleeps with since it is none of my concern. Why do I get sudden random jelousey and when i get it it is hard to deal with it. I prefer my usual way of life of uncaring. I have opted to take some distance from him hoping it will cure the problem. I feel that it is stemming from more of an obsession type thing than actuall bothersome since he annoys me anyways. This is also developing into a bit of paranoia which is very annoying indeed.

You’re “catching feelings” as the kids say these days, hehe.

Oxytocin is a bonding hormone that is released during sex, especially for girls who are basically bombarded with it. Most girls fall victim to its effects eventually, especially if you have the same partner again and again. As a fix for this if you just want casual sex I recommend regularly switching up partners rather than just sticking with one because that oxytocin WILL get you attached otherwise.

Yes I know this is true. I have been switching up partners. I also believe there is solid evidence that it happens to men as well. But what I refering more to id the sudden onset and overwhelming amount. It has been a long road of off and on and only a couple weeks ago i could care less if i even recieved a text. My struggle is the randomness since i can do something one week no lrob the next a prob then back to no prob shortly therafter.

Im also very masculine so this really perplexes me and even in long term boyfriends it was an common occurance

Yes oxytocin is also released in men just in lesser amounts. Things can change quickly.

I think the brain is a very individual thing. Each person will respond in there own unique way regardless if gender. I have had other fwb never cared in the slightest and dropped many like hot rocks. Also the chemistry between two people will be different as well. No two cases are the same.

Friends with benefits?
Nice way to say I can’t bother with a meaningful relationship enough to make sex something mean more than it does.
If your jealous, you must think they’re your property in some way, which doesn’t work when you have nothing but sex.

Detached sex isn’t a bad thing, just don’t expect more than you get.

Yea which I usually do and am pretty good at it. Though we do more than just sex so thats where the confusion in my brain goes. Anyways I flipped on him the other day cause I didnt like it. I told him what was up and said I was worried he was just usuing me. He responded very hurt. Also angry cause apparently im the most time and energy hes put into anyone this past year. So it just stresses me out cause if there was consistancy it would be easy. Not that im much better. Though I swear my addiction is so strong it is very difficult to say no.

Not property but more like mad at myself. Cause I get really weird and start thinking people are just using me or dont really like me. Friendship is important to me. So I think I am going to try to take a step back and focus on the friendship side of things. Though the temptation is huge. I have a hard time with impulse control and then want to skewer myself later.