Jekyl and Hyde

hi, i just kinda realized that i am like two totally different people, i dont know if you would call it a split personality or what but i noticed that there are two sides to me, the medicated side of my personality and the unmedicated.

the unmedicated side is untamed, wild. confused, anxious, delusional, paranoid, timid, fearful, negative. the medicated side of me is like the opposite of that as i am confident, outgoing, sensible, rational, relaxed (to an extent), positive etc etc you get the picture, its like two sides of a coin,

the Jekyl and Hyde in me that wants to come out, thank god for meds, thats all i can say.


I know how you feel. Right now I am off of my antispychotic an it feels like I am going crazy. Iā€™m completely different person off of my meds.

I completely understand this. I have felt the same way at times as well.