Jeeping on with the Koneses

Alright, so I hopped in a Jeep and I sent dust flying.

No. That’s all I have to say to you Christian Scientists. Not the rest of you, but certainly indeed ungrouped individuals, I will tell the scientists this punctuation.

One: When you’re security is more tightly enforced, it does not allow for lee-way.

These are on a parallel groove and make sure your boss congratulates you rightly.

Two: The Nerve Ladder is central condux for what it is, and what it can be. There is also not knowing what is, and the words to describe that.

The Nerve Ladder gives several steps. But don’t make your codespeak exactly what it is, that’s bad form.

I can sing songs merrily down the way, the Cowboys didn’t have the feeder button, but they did. tobacco spit

That’s my sweet epic poem. Do it.