Jealousy Is A Metaphorical Departure From Reality


If You Leave On That Eternal Spaceship, You’ll End Up Like Pluto.

And Pluto Is Not A Planet Anymore.

It Is A Star.

That May Be Okay, If You Wanna Be The Star Of Thee Ever Elusive Theater in The Vast Space Of Endless Formation Of Time’s Critical Rain Of Reality & Illusions.

But!, There Are So Many Stars In The Universe.

Wouldn’t You Rather Be A Planet?.


I’m Jus Kidding.

I Apologize, Pluto Is A Dwarf Planet.

Nothing For Shame…, It’s The Same Regardless.

Star…, Dwarf Planet…, Still Not An Original Planet Of Hope, Love, Joy, And Or Peace.

I Mean, Jealousy Isn’t Anything Original Within The Happy Seas.

There, In Jealousy, Is Not Of Dreams.

It Leaves, Not Beautiful Past Remembering. . . . . . .

I dont know what i would rather be. To be a star and burn bright or be a planet that could be helpful to whatever living organisms that manage to survive there. Which would you rather?


Good Question.

Life Or Waste You Ask (???).

As an aside I was watching a bit on youtube yesterday that there is some evidence to a big planet out past Pluto that affects some gravitational objects in our solar system. It was very interesting. Pluto has been dethroned as a planet but there’s bigger moons than Pluto really so I guess as knowledge improves that isn’t a bad thing.

If Pluto Is A Moon…,

Are Moon’s Important?.

Keeping Thought’s Focused On Our Moon. Technically Those Other Formations Are Called Moon’s Because The Moon Of Earth. Since Sky Watching Starting On Earth.


Is Our Moon The Most Important In The Vast Emptiness, Or Valley Of Outerspace?.

Well stars can be helpful as well as in the sun is a star you could be a star for a whole solar system and possibly support even more life than one individual planet. Its all perspective.

Pluto is a plantesimal I think is the term. Jupiter has bigger moons than Pluto is all I’m saying! I think there’s moons with atmospheres so that is pretty important in the scheme of things.

Which Is More Jealous Of The Other?.

The Sun Of The Moon (???).

Or!, The Moon Of The Sun (???).

As The Olde Turtle Man Of The Avalanches Video Says, ‘What Does That Even Mean’!?!.. . …

…lie down on the couch? What does that mean?. Simply a body that exists in the solar system that isn’t the size of what is considered a planet. Perhaps they have a set of rings that you have to pass the planet through like in cricket with the ball. If you easily go through you no longer become a planet and your just like comets and other celestial bodies.


Since You Mention…,

It Is Your Call Of Duty To Post A Picture Of The Most Important Planet In The Solar System!. Saturn.!.!.!.

And If You Splice The Word Saturn What Does It Become Psychologically?.

It Is Your Duty, To Perform The Task And Explain (!!!).

Titan the Moon of Saturn is far more interesting. Vonnegut wrote a good early sci fi book called The Sirens of Titan. It was funny. People say jump. I don’t jump simply because people say so. It’s nice to have individual thoughts and such as you probably know.


I Didn’t Ask You To Jump.

You Are Confusing Me Dear Sir. . . . . . .

My duty is to keep the peace. :slight_smile:


It Was A Great Suggestion.


And I Beg Your Pardon.

And Something Else All Insulted Or Something. . . . . . .

My Questions Are Perfected In Amazing Batches Of Beautiful Serenades Of Hope & Joy.

And I Am Not Even Jealous.

Jus Always Confused. … . . . . .

Cricket is an interesting game…So much time to think about things whilst your playing it and at a professional level it goes for 5 days of three, two hour sessions. Not a bad place to contemplate the universe…and it’s an egalitarian game as people who aren’t great athletes can compete on an even level…and they have rings to pass the ball through thus the suggestion.


Thanx For The Advice.

Something Great To Wonder, Wander, And Ponder Upon.

I Prefer Listening To Radiohead. . . . . . .