Jealous of normies or are they voices?

So I’ll give you the scenario. I was just outside smoking during a thunderstorm. I heard the thunder and for some reason it had kinda an electrical current sound. Never heard it like that before. So it was kinda neat then idk I wasn’t humble enough so the voices started yelling. Voices that come from the air or atmosphere or from a distance. First off I always feel like these are real people. So once they start I have jealousy I guess or get belittled like I’m sub human, not a real person in the real world, or not a consideration. My question has always been is the “real” world that hard to operate in. Like why do they “get it” and I’m so ■■■■■■. How was that earned. Most the time people don’t know what I’m talking about. But I always think I’m my moms case that she doesn’t know or everyone won’t tell me including my therapist. Idk if they’re waiting on something to let me “in” or if it’s just gonna take time. This has been a recurring theme for the past however long. If it’s for my own protection ok fine. I’ll just keep moving on.

It makes me feel kinda bitter and spiteful. But I’m tired of being ■■■■■■ with and how the hell would I trust them when they’re nice the “voices”. My therapist swears up and down that this stuff is part a of a disease and in reality no one gives a ■■■■ and barely notices. It’s the same with my family. Basically that people are only worried about themselves and no one is really paying attention.

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Yeah. Your therapist is right. Most folk are involved in their own business these days. I honestly rarely talk to my neighbours. Might wave or something but never a conversation. They know nothing about me nor me of them…it is a disoder that mixes up your perceptions of reality. It really is.


On the bright side perphenazine has helped a lot with the thought broadcasting and ideas of reference. Unless it’s just not being at my moms house and staying at my place. I think it’s mainly the meds.

Ok I’ll try to live as so. Might as well. Just try to treat them like voices and not freak on regular people.

It’s a common problem for our community but it’s true that most other folk are just doing their thing. It’s different if you act out and get them involved though. People respond to others if it’s random or strange but otherwise most wouldn’t even register what your doing.

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Thanks for your input. The lightning has stopped so I’m gonna go boarding. Wet pavement could help learning slides.

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■■■■ I took my meds too early 11:00 instead of 1:00. I gotta wait at least an hour. It’s on and off thunderstorms so maybe I get some wet pavement later.

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This statement is contraversial, and I always get lots of ‘flak’ for it, but truth prevails so I must say that according to my volumes of empirical evidence, the voices “may as well be humans”. I have done a structured formal analysis of delusions WRT schizophrenia, and I have methods and experiemntal results that are quantitative, and I would like to suggest that whenever it suits you to do so, you can approach coping with AVH / VH (voices) as humans per se. However, don’t mention this directly to any treatment clinicians, because they are intransigent about the impossibility of such an approach to coping, and excessive reference to this approach of achieving a peaceful life will be incriminating.

But without going into a very large discussion of my 31 years of investigation, the methodologies, the processes, the data and the conclusions, I can only say that whatever you decide to believe at any one moment about the origin of the voices, it is very likely NOT to be in concurrence with the prevailing hypotheses of treatment professionals. The reange of their opinions is easy to find and know. However, none of these fiolk have ever experienced what we experienece, and what we do experience is not only lethal, but extremely esoteric, two factors that they will concede.

What is critical is living your life, and in good quality, and what you mentioned accentuates the fact that we all know, that these pesky hallucinations lead to delusions and unhappiness. I have gained the best, and really good results, from acceding to my instincts (now facts) and treating them as humans, if only occasionally and when necessary. In response to your notion of “real people”, I say they are, but only if you decide they are. You could ask them occaisionally as well.