Jayster nightmare

I went to bed at 11:00 pm last night and I woke up from this dream at 2:00 am. I wrote this down immediately while it was still fresh in my memory. It’s funny as hell but deeply, deeply disturbing and serious.
OK, it starts off in my bedroom. I didn’t recognize the home at all, it might be home I never even lived in before in my life. But I’m with my best friend from childhood, Dave, who I met in 5th grade and we went through high school together.

The time is the present 2015 even though I haven’t seen Dave in 35 years. I’m telling Dave about my drug use and I tell him I hid a little meth in my shoe, about a third of a line. I tell him wouldn’t a line of coke be nice right now? I start describing it in detail trying to tempt him. In the dream, I know I’m an addict (just like in real life) and I know I can’t do drugs because one line can trigger my addiction. Dave finally says yes and we decide to go to my old city where I got my drugs (in real life).

But first we have to go up top our mentors house to cover our tracks. So it’s night and we creep up to this nice house in an exclusive neighborhood. We creep up to the front door but we make some noise and suddenly all the neighboring houses are awake. And all of a sudden my second best friend from high school is with us. We start running back the way we came and I yell “No. the other way, down the hill”, and we’re running hopping fences.

All of a sudden the lights go on. And someone comes out. It’s Jayster with a gun! He looks exactly like his avatar picture! I forgot what we say but he takes us inside and we feel guilty a hell. We’re talking inside for about half an hour. We hadn’t told Jayster why we were there or our plans but I pipe up and say, " We were going to get drunk and we came to warn you". I know I can’t tell him it was cocaine because we all know (in the dream) that I’m an addict.

Well, we’re chatting with Jayster. I feel in the dream that Jayster is going to know I was lying about the cocaine so I wake myself up out of the dream on purpose. It scares me, now that I’m awake that I meant to break my sobriety in my dream. When I first got clean I used to have drug dreams all the time but as I gained clean time they disappeared. So I think this dream is telling me I need to get to a meeting.


What up, Dude?

Subsequent to using dreams, most AAs enjoy a period of good sobriety.


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A few things. Some good some bad. Some terrible. But I’m pretty happy sometimes… How’s tricks with you?

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Life picked out a girlfriend for me. I do the best I can.

Janitorial work is really hard for me at my age. But it gives me exercise.


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Is jayster minnesotan? I feel like he said so before and I have a good memory.

It’s really interesting that you had a dream with him in it. What did his voice sound like? I bet its as we have all imagined it.

You always have a girlfriend, lol.