Jaw cramping, teeth grinding - Rivotril?

I get terrible teeth grinding from Latuda, I use Rivotril but it makes me so sleepy.

Has anyone used alternatives that don’t make you pass out?

i take Rivotril and it makes me sleepy too
Yes, Ativan i like but my pdoc wont prescribe it no more for me : (

Can you take a lower dose of Rivotril?

Anyway you build up a tolerance to it (rivotril)unfortunately.

So it not only won’t make you sleepy anymore, but will also just stop working altogether.

I have found that I have been grinding teeth and clenching my jaw hard and pressing my tongue hard up against the back of my teeth recently. It’s causing my whole mouth and jaw to cramp up.

I take invega and seroquel for aps and lexapro for ad. But I think mine is caused by going through a bad time recently.

I can try breaking them in half, I defintely don’t want them to stop working!
I only use them when it’s really bad

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I reckon stress can amplify the ad too, i find more cramping on stressful days

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Thaks Jeroenp I’ll see if my pdoc will give me Ativan instead.

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