January... back to school

Just wondering who is in for another semester / quarter?

I start tomorrow. Biology 101 with very limited lab and group work. (should go much better then the chem class) Business Writing is on-line.

If you head back to school this month… good luck


Ta surprised
I am back in February
This month I’m on work experience at charity shop
Waiting for the new timetable


Good luck to you J! Bio should be challenging. I know my science classes last year were, especially after not having science since high school so many years ago. Business writing should be cool. Maybe you’ll get to write a business plan. They are kind of fun to do and neat to think about and time consuming. I’ve written 2, one for a class so the business was imaginary and the 2nd was an existing business.

I start back to school next week. Three classes for me Nursing 130, Nursing lab, and clinical. Clinical this semester we will be placed at 3 spots for 6 weeks each, a medical-surgical unit, maternity, and pediatrics units. I am most worried about the pediatrics unit, I’ve never even held a baby! The last time I talked to a child was years ago, it is going to be a painful 6 weeks.


@shellys12 Glad you have some down time before you have to go back. What are you studying?

@Skims I’m really impressed that you are managing the pace of nursing and this illness. My sis is neurotypical and she’s working so hard to be a nurse. It’s an eye opener how hard it is to get into this profession.
Good luck and you’ll do fine with the babies. They really are pretty cool.


Good luck with your class J! Sounds like it could be interesting!


Thanks surprised
I Am doing management degree
Still have probs with schiz but going college helps me
Good luck to all of u


Nursing school is intense! The pace is so fast. Clinical is the most challenging part for me. I can do the skills, its the interactions with the patients that I’m struggling with. I don’t know what to say or ask them. Once the semester gets going I plan on volunteering at a local hospital. Then maybe over the summer, since I don’t have any classes to take, get a part time job as a nurses aid or home health aid. Just enough hours to keep me busy yet be under the $700/month rule to keep my SSA disability. I’m really taking quite a risk with this all. What if after all of this I’m saddled with $18,000 in debt and unable to hold a job? But then on the bright side, with nursing there are so many opportunities, something will work itself out. I could work part-time, go into informatics and hold a desk job, education, research.


I am going back on Jan. 21, God willing. Last year there was snow on the first day of school, so all classes were canceled. I am so far taking Biopsych of Motivation and Emotion, Abnormal Psychology, and History and Systems (a required psych class). I am hoping to find a fourth class to take. I canceled my original fourth class as it was a Tuesday/Thursday class. All of my other classes are Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I decided that going to school five days a week would just be too much for me. If I cannot find a good fourth class, then, oh well. It would be sort of nice to have an easy semester of just three classes.


Skims, I’ve seen many a happy face declare they passed their nursing exams!

I am a med tech --with an Associate’s in MedAdmin and have primarily worked in geriatric settings.

What do you say to patients? Find out what interests them and let them share with you.

Unless you find a geriatric setting where you are assigned no more than 13 residents in one community–meaning not sharing another 23 residents with other CNAs each day as a CNA, I would suggest home health care. The work loads in these settings are often impossible and many nurses online are speaking out about it. But that’s all I’ll say, as each professional finds out soon enough.


good luck with the biology class jay and everybody else,

i am supposed to go to class tomorrow but right now i can’t be bothered, i might skip it tomorrow but i will definitely go back, i also want to do something else part time,

as a person an disability benefits i am only allowed up to 16 hrs a week in college and just now i am only doing 5 a week so i want to fill that time,

i have done more than that before without much problem, i did 2 years doing up to 15 hrs a week in college so i can handle it i think.


I started my one online class on Monday the 5th. Humanities1A.


I start the 26th. Four classes, one lab and ten hours a week in research.

I wont be on here very much at all. That and the GRE is on spring break.

Good luck, James. Hope you and your sis are doing well.


16 hours! I only go 12 hours a week, and I feel overwhelmed. 12 hours is four classes. 15 hours would be five classes. A lot of students go 15 hours–five classes. How long are your classes? A 50 minute class, three times a week is considered to be a three hour class.


That’s awesome so many of us are in school! Good luck everyone! I’m in my first week taking Intermediate Java Programming I and Software Construction. I don’t do semesters as I’m going to school online and we do 5 1/2 week sessions. This is my third session as a full time student. It gets pretty stressful. Last session on top of writing an application for Java I had to create a 32 page SRS document. It was a technical document so it was single spaced not double spaced. I was able to make a 4.0 and felt so proud of myself when it was done. I will earn my BS degree in August if I keep up this pace. One tip that has helped me is to walk away for 15 minutes when things get stressful. Sometimes with coding it’s hard to do it because I love doing it and it’s hard to pull myself away from it when I feel on the edge of a solution. There’s no better feeling than to work at your code for hours compiling nothing but errors and then to change one little thing and have it work. I know I’m in the right field because coding is like a drug for me. Good luck everyone!! :sun_with_face:


when i was studying social care i was doing about 2 half days and one full day which was psychology, communications, values and principles, sociology and guidance i think
and that was in one trimester over 3 months with 3 hours to each class and sometimes 5 hours if it was a double period (2 of the same subjects in the same week),

comms is usually the hardest and psychology and they say that after the first trimester people usually pass the whole thing bc its the hardest in the first, well i passed the first and still dropped out in the second trimester,

i was stuck at something in guidance and the lady wouldn’t help me with it (my brain just didn’t get it) and then there was a guy teaching a class and he was really stirring people up to the point that i was singled out mainly because i was the only guy and i had an opinion so obviously they all reported me, bunch of morons don’t even know how to have a proper debate.

right now i am doing 5 hrs straight with breaks one day a week and i am hoping to do more.

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