January 25 Positive Quote


Psshh! That will never happen.

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This is something I already try to do. Even at my worst time I would try to read one more book because I wanted to do a little more with my life everyday.


Hey @mermaid1

Again I am sorry I need to catch up with the latest developments as I am spending less and less time on the forum.

How have you been lately? :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Andrey

I am fine I guess. A lot better since I have been taking Lexapro. I am working a lot and being so strict and disciplined. I am working consistently 8-9 hours a day.

I started a beauty blog so working on that too. Feels like I am myself these days on Geodon. MI sucks :worried:

Not much else. Boyfriend is fine, he will go to Las Vegas in February but I am not going.

My dad got the cancer disgnosis last week. I am waiting to hear news on that.

What about you? Still on Abilify?

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Thanks @mermaid1

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Oh God, I am so sorry about that. Here’s wishing him a good recovery !! :pray:

Yes, I take abilify 10mg. I am alive and kicking :smile: Still looking for a part-time job, most companies are looking for full-time commitment but I want to stand my ground :guardswoman:


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