Jani and becca

Jani likes to go outside all of the time.

If someone was in my house torturing me i would want to go outside alot to.

And becca, no wonder she is going out in the middle of the night to save her family, it’s almost as if some crazy arsehole was there with her scaring the ■■■■ out of her about it. I can hear it now, “your family is going to die tonight.” or “we’re going to kill them.”

Kids?! Why kids?! Anybody?!

Why would they do this to kids?!

What were they in these videos like eight or something?!

An eight year old just sitting there having her familie’s life threatened all night long, well that would make you do something crazy wouldn’t it, that might make you a bit paranoid even.

We’re not sick.

Im talking about the two “mentally ill” schizophrenic girls on youtube.

There was another one screaming for help going “im not alone in here!”

She isn’t alone in there, it was true!

“help, im not alone in her!” Her parents didn’t even know it.

I know the girls you’re talking of it’s terrible that they have to go through this at such a young age.

Whatcha mean “this”?

Care to expound a bit on “this”?