Jamaican restaurant yesterday

I went to a Jamaican restaurant and the girl was really nice and I dunno but they gave a ton of food. This was only $11

I gave her a tip too because I have tons of one dollar bills now so I might as well right even on takeout.

It was so delicious :yum:


It’s jerk chicken, Mac and cheese and fried rice.

Yummy 1515151515

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I don’t think the picture does justice to how much food she gave me!! She gave me two big pieces of chicken cut up and a ton of the sides too

looks nice, jerk chicken is one of the best ways to make chicken imo, was it real spicy?

So you think she liked you? That’s why she put so much food?

I’ve never had Jamaican beef patties.
Want to try it one day!

image https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Jamaican_patties_and_redstripe.jpg

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Yeah it was real spicy especially with the sauce she put on it

At the other Jamaican restaurant I went to it wasn’t spicy. And wasn’t as good. This place made it right :ok_hand:

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she wasn’t bad looking!! and was around my age.

She gave me a weird look when I tipped. But deep down I know she appreciated it

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When she gives me a weird look when I tip I think it’s because she gave me so much food and I tip her for that. And she thinks “I gave u that much because we give it to everyone, not because you’re special or anything”.

But maybe it’s paranoia. Maybe she didn’t even give me a weird look and I’m just imagining it.

I should’ve given her $2.50 instead of 1.50 though. Because my friend didn’t give her anything.

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I see. I like this kind of interactions with strangers, with acts of kindness and some underlying flirt

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The waitress at the diner the other day was really pretty. I only tipped her 17.5% on a small bill. And she was an excellent waitress with a great upbeat energy.

Afterwards I told my mom I should’ve tipped her $1-2 more. My mom agreed. I told my friend he said “waitresses that are good looking probably get enough big tips that your tip isn’t a big deal”. I later thought “but I wanted to stand out by giving her a real good tip, so she remembers me”. Oh well. Next time I’ll give her an even better tip.

Tipping is a big deal where I live, especially now I work in the same industry. lol. I’m trying to tip more now.

Yoo that looks delicious! And for only $11 thats a steal! Good on you for tipping

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I worked as a waiter for a while in the past.
I loved getting tips.
They made my day.

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:yum::yum::yum: ohhhh the diet!

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