Jail because of a threat?

How likely is it to sentence someone to jail/prison because of a death threat?

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Once a neighbor threatened my life.

He was later found to have a gun and was arrested.

I don’t know if they would have arrested him without the gun,

But regardless,

Threatening people is a sure way to get some unwanted attention.


Only for repeat offenders I think.


Not jail but I got a warning by an officer who visited my house. They left me alone after my brother told him I am off my sz meds. I threatened to kill someone on FB because they didn’t believe I was Jesus and he called me crazy.


its my 2nd time in court

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Not familiar with Justice in Finland I’m afraid.

Surely you must know the consequences of your actions?

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Yes I know the consequences but I’m dumb

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So what is this thread actually for if you already know the consequences?

You’re not dumb

I am dumb. Committing the same crime over and iver again

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You may learn your lesson
One day
Maybe in jail
We cant use dumbness as an excuse

They must think you mean it when you make threads to kill. To actually charge you for it and go to court.

Here in England they wouldn’t do that unless you actually meant it. It would likely be said in anger and they wouldn’t charge you especially a 16/17 year old girl.

If someone threatened me, I would want them to be sentenced for my safety and others. But to answer your question, since its your second threat, it might be likely. You’ve also hit someone, so it won’t go in your favour.

I ended up in court last time

How long sentence?

You won’t go to prison. They hardly send kids to prison. Oh Unless in the US. They’re criminal justice system is messed up.

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Well probation might be the sentence

That I cannot answer.

Maybe Youth offending team. They’ll help you.

Help how? I’m not a drug user or anythin

No but you have anger issues. When I was a youth and in trouble with the police the youth offending team helped me a lot