I've written 24,000 words for my new novel Flunky in the last 24 hours!

I know it’s quality over quantity, but geez I am inspired. That’s 1000 words per hour! Which is a really fast pace. It’s called Flunky because it’s based upon the writing style of William S. Burroughs Junky. It Is semi-autobiographic so easy to write. Not quite a memoir because it doesn’t tell my whole life story, but rather an 8 1/2 year period of my life. I am proud of myself… I am probably 1/3rd-1/4 way through the novel so it’ll be a long novel. I plan on publishing this one in print form…If I don’t get it published by a publishing company I will self-publish it but not on kindle, I will make it an actual book.


well good for you…write every day or writing a book can whip you quicker than boo. that is something I learned writing my book…I had to self publish and I do wish you luck getting it published…


Some people are binge drinkers well I’m a binge writer :smile: I wrote my last book really fast and this one is going even quicker. Although the editing process will be a long time.


I would read it chew!

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Show us something from it!

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I think it’s too triggering/inappropriate. It’s called Flunky, just as Junky is all about him relapsing and relapsing and relapsing on junk (or heroin), it’s the story of how and why I flunked out of school. It’s kind of depressing. Lots of drug references, I just got admitted to the hospital for the first time. I will try to find something though. “Weed” is my most commonly used word outside of the most common words in the English language :sob: oh my life.

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If you like to show me on PM I would love to read some of it. I won’t be triggered :slight_smile:

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Good going chew! I’d love to write a book one day.

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I’m proud of you! It’s always a good feeling to be making progress on something creative. I’m working on a 6,000 word short story myself.

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Go get yo self some chew,

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If you self publish, most of them are print on demand,

and you have to buy your own books and sell them on your own,
and some of them will charge according to how long your book is,

so you’re looking at about $20 per book. If you sell on Amazon

or B&N you’ll a bar code/ISBN number which might cost you more,
and their circulation of your book would be very poor.

If you do print on demand self publishing, you can’t enter your book
into any contests, grants, awards, etc. They won’t even consider you.

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dont forget that you need a break from writing here and there, dont want you to burn out,

idk how you can fill a book with even that much let alone a quarter, my life is so uneventful i dont know why anyone would read it, i guess if its an inspiring story then it would be worth the read :slight_smile:

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but, Jon, I’m really happy I got my book done through self publishing,

because even a traditional publisher would only let you keep a certain
percentage of sales,

they might make 100 copies of your book, but doubtful you can turn
around and ask for cash in sales.

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Yeah I need a break right now. And thanks for all the advice @daze :slight_smile:

Wow you are flying through this one.

Can’t wait to read it!

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And I gotta thank you for putting me on to junky :grin:

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