I've tapped into my old creativitity with writing music

Here is a cool meditative song that I wrote and recorded: Rest (Here in My Palace of Love).


It’s got highs and lows in it, love it.

Is that a mandolin?

Thanks Daze! It’s actually a synthesized harp, tuned at a higher pitch than a real harp. My keyboard has like 400 different sounds on it that I’m just now starting to explore.

I’m glad you liked it.



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very cool… :thumbsup:

Thank you for posting it. How long has it taken you to write it?

Thanks for listening to it, James :slight_smile:

It took surprisingly little time. I had the beginning in my head for years now, and sat down today and wrote the middle and ending to it.

I’m kinda on a roll this month lol. I’ve recorded quite a bit of original and cover songs.

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It’s cool that now the beginning has finally found it’s way to the end.

It must feel great to have that idea completed…

I get a few snips rolling around in my head… I like it when I can connect them to something and have a finished product… (if that made any sense)

Yes, it makes total sense! It just reminded me of the jewelry that you made for your sister. You had all these snippets of a concept that you put together to create something meaningful and beautiful.

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Nicely done l… . …

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lovely. really enjoyed it. :+1:

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Thank you so much! :grinning:




I wonder how this synthesized harp is played? I guess in your lap, huh?

Very cool. Nice contrast to my metal music.

@Daze, It’s a sound effect on my keyboard, so it’s played just like a piano! No special skill with the harp required :slight_smile:

@mortimermouse, glad you enjoyed it. Variety is always a great way to refresh the mind

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Oh duh, yeah we’ve had lots of those synthesizers, I know what you mean now! sorry for my stupity, ha!

Don’t sell yourself short by words like stupidity. You are intelligent :sunny:

it just sounded the real thing to me, must be a nice system you got there! Send us more.

Thanks for the motivation haha. I’ll try to record more!

sounds like a scene from a jane austin movie…beautiful.
take care :alien:

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Nice buddy!!!

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