I've Started Resperidal

CNP has put me on Resperidal. Starting at a low dose (I am afraid of being on it based on developing breast tissue) and I just want to get to know your guys opinion on it and what side effects you experienced on it.


I like it.After clozapine it’s refreshing.Second week I’m a bit nervous.

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I have been on it for the last six months. I have only tremors in my hands, but I had them when I was on clozapine. Like @anon70049667 said it’s freshing after being on clozapine. I don’t have to have monthly blood work anymore. I’m on 4mg, but I still hear voices in June my pdoc might increase bit and/or add abilify.

I’m on 2mg and the only side effect I’m having is the damn lack of motivation. I’m almost a year on it now, I like it.


I like it. I increased to 6mg back in December and my voices disappeared, been voice free for 12 weeks

I’m on Risperdal Consta and I love it but I’m female.

My breasts grew on them but they wouldnt let me go off since i was non compliant.

@anon70049667 @Raven I’ve been on clozapine and couldn’t; take it due to side effects although eventually, I was getting relief from symptoms. Definity liking the lack of blood drawls that I had to get. The point of the add on was to contain symptoms and two, get me to sleep.

@everhopeful being on both of those makes me feel better knowing there is some research.

@Opus shoot. Looks like I’ll be checking my chest with a measuring tape.

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I’m sorry, I hate it. I’m on 4.75mg. I was in agonizing withdrawl for 2 years from it. I have disinterest in everything like being awake and experiencing anything, plus I’m sleepy for 6 hours a day. I was terribly sick for 6 hours a day for half a year until I made a dosage cut. I am super sensitive and go into a crisis trying to take more of my dose at night and when I threw up a dose.

2 years from one cut

LS! I started Risperidone (Risperdal) when I was 40, I am now 61 and took it most of the time. Presently I take 4 milligram daily. With Risperdal I can get into a very disciplined day routine of exercise and dieting. For the last one and a half year I have been fasting Thursdays and Sundays. And for the last ten months I have daily been exercising. I lost 25 kilo. My weight is now 133 kilo app 300lb and I want it to be a lot less.

Wow, I’m on 4.75mg and the first thing I did was quit exercising and ignoring good diet.