I've returned

i took a 7-day break.


Did you go anywhere nice? How was it?

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christianforums and mgtow.

otherwise, went to 2 other bad places and got spat on.

christianforums is okay. can hide posts from people i don’t want to see. i’m not a christian, but they don’t care. they just tell non-christians to stay out of strict-christian subforums.

mgtow is okay but a lot of rough dudes who curse a lot. also, they hate non-males, which was awkward as i like romance poetry

yeah I just googled what it was and ran into a wall of hate on reddit! ouch
I can understand some of their more ethical viewpoints on equality and such.

Anyway I’m glad you are back :slight_smile:

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lol yeah. i wasn’t kidding when I said that. lol lol lol

mgtow isn’t bad when i stick in the Philiosopy subforum. but that subforum is like 5% of the whole website, so not much activity.

alas, those communities are the few places that accept me when I need to take a break from sz forum.

thanks for the welcoming, bud

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Welcome back, did you bring donuts by chance???

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if i was a returning police officer, then maybe. but nay.
lol lol just kidding.

during the 7 days, i made a mistake but i hid my feelings from others. torturous, but i endured.

I will always make mistakes. but my current mistakes are less severe than my past mistakes because i’ve been learning from them and taking the root issues seriously.

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15 characters.

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MGTOW seemed like people that were hurt by women or the justice system which sometimes favors women. I would be more sympathetic to their cause but I’m not ready to give up on women just yet.

Glad to see you back btw. I leave for a couple days from time to time and no one really misses me. Still post though.

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true, but their style suggest that they hate 50% of humanity. it’s the equivalent of the phrase “all men are pigs.”

some people are good. some people are bad. but to generalize a bad person’s crime and target people of similar background is not fair.

also, thanks for the welcome back, sp2342. i missed you

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Welcome back, sirBoring, Your are the invisible man now.

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Gee thanks sirBoring. Even though I wasn’t on that much this week I missed you too.

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