I've reached the point where I'm giving up on recovery

I’ve gone as far as I can go. The only thing which might make a difference at this point would be something drastic like a med change. But that’s just russian roulette when you’re “stable”.

So from now on I’ll just accept my good days and bad days. That is I’ll just be at the mercy of the whims of the disease.

Which makes me feel a bit vulnerable :neutral_face:


I also have my good and bad days.


You always sound very articulate and clearly have inner resources. Even if you give up being permanently in the pink of health that’s no reason you should give up being (reasonably) happy.


i know how u feeel @everhopeful…it sure can be a tough arduous journey…i find it tough

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I gave up on recovery quite a while ago. It’s all about improving a little or at worst maintaining the level I’m at (Which is better than where I was at in my mid 20s) . That is not to say that recovery is impossible. Some will recover. For most of us though it’s striving to do as well as we can . Sometimes it’s harder than others.


You can fully recover from this disease I believe everyone in their life has experienced hearing voices at some point in their lives. The 666 syndrome if you wanna call it. The key is more healthier living. No drinking/smoking, drugs, its a chemical imbalance I believe. Yet people like to play around with that. Our brain cells and neurons and all that good stuff just isn’t firing right.

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I’m sure I’ll hit that point soon, but I keep banking on the fact that I recovered from delusional thinking with treatment and time. And that was within the first few years of the illness. I’m coming up on the 5 year mark, I’d really like the voices to go away as well. Not quite ready to give up hope that it will get better.

If I had it for 10 or 15 years though I probably wouldn’t be as avid about recovery, and more about maintenance.

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I hear you @everhopeful. Good and bad days are like sticking your hand in a ice in the winter some days, then if your lucky it melts. Same as the summer

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I think you’re doing ok, @everhopeful Your name says your post is just a some time thing. Don’t forget, it’s all a cycle and it will pass. I just want the rises to be not so high and the dips not to be so low. That is enough of a control goal for me.


my Dr don’t lie he told me years ago that i well simi recover from this illness . and then say with meds it well take it down a bit.

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Yeah, it’s been 10 years since I was diagnosed. I’m just out of ideas. But the fight I put up so far paid off. I’d be in a much worse place if I hadn’t fought the disease so much.


What are good days? I think they are all bad but I am used to it. I am stable too though and afraid to experiment. I am sure something else might be better though.

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Did anything get better from your initial onset? Like you recovered to a point? Or is it the same severity as it always was?

Forgive me if the question is too personal, you definitely don’t have to answer. I really hope you’re in a good enough place now to carry forward, you’re one of the good ones!

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I’d be jumping for joy if I was in remission. I need to stop drinking n smoking I believe to make a difference. I believe sz is up to the person wether they fully recover or not. You gotta want it.

It got much better from the original onset for sure. I was a basket case. So I recovered to a point.

But I think I have to switch to maintenance mode now.


Maybe a new treatment will happen in the future so stay hopeful. For now accepting where you’re at is fine. But I hope you stay hopeful for the future


What counts as a bad day?

Are you on mood stabilizer?

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Feeling like I’ve beenout drinking and partying all night and having a huge hangover as a result(i don’t drink or party!). I’m basically just about able to function.

No. I don’t have any mood issues.