I've never heard of this but have you ever gotten a head cramp?

It feels just like a Charlie horse only it’s my scalp muscles. It’s very intense and then it just goes away.

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I get the same types of cramps that seem to come from my dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. It’s hard to explain, I can feel when certain areas of my brain are being activated. I get this pulsating sensation. If I’m feeling paranoid, I’ll feel a sensation coming from a certain area of my brain, normally within the core(DMT). It sounds strange, but I’m dead serious. It’s kind of weird to experience this ■■■■. It normally only lasts about a minute, sometimes less, sometimes more. It depends, but you’re definitely not alone. It’s so weird why this happens.

I sprained my hair once. Having twenty thousand bandages on my head made me a little self-conscious in public but it healed nicely.

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