I've never had a claim on my auto insurance all my life

we only pay $112 a month to insure all 3 vehicles.

I’ve never switched from American Family.

I also have a clean criminal record.


that’s awesome! I’m the same clean insurance, only 2 years ago I gave up my car in the divorce so now I usually don’t drive. And never been in trouble with the law. Never got caught lol.

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I remember you saying that.

if and when I get working, I’ll have to drive.

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I always buy the cheapest insurance and the minimum amount of insurance required by law. Up until about 4 years ago I was paying less than $300 a year for car insurance. Then everybody raised their prices now I pay about $400 a year.

Saves money if you pay it off in one lump sum.

My insurance only covers the damage done to another car if an accident is my fault. I could get full, comprehensive insurance for $1400 a year that covers damage to my own car, and theft protection. But I started driving when I was 17 and I’ve always had the minimum insurance required by the state of California and so far the gamble has paid off because I’ve only been in two accidents that were my fault. Only two times my insurance company had to pay out. One was a minor fender bender when I was going 5 mph. The other accident was when I ran into the side of some teenage girls car. about 7 years ago. No one was hurt and there was hardly any damage done.

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We’re now advising people to get $2,000,000 in liability. Legal minimum is $200,000. I’ve seen some claims go through where $5,000,000 wasn’t enough. Court-ordered damages are definitely spiraling upwards.

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